Isometric world with height adjustable tiles?

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  • Hi all,

    If anyone has any idea whether this would be achievable in Construct, i'd appreciate some advice.

    I'm looking to start a project which involves an isometric world view a-la rollercoaster tycoon 1/2 or transport tycoon, where the player can adjust the height of the tiles in the world. Is this possible?

    The only direction I can think of going in is using an array, saving height levels to it, and then setting sprites dependant on height and height of adjacent tiles to get slopes, but i'm not sure whether that would work.

    I'm also not sure whether construct would be able to run a world like this smoothly, where the level might be up to 256x256 tiles, with each one having a separate sprite and scenery on top on them. Does anyone have experience working with big levels like this?

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  • Its pretty simple, y is the height.

    You can make a z to serve as a y offset.

  • Hey Newt,

    Thanks for replying.

    That would make setting up the world, and probably editing it relatively easy, but i'm not sure how i'd then go about making sure that players/AI behave correctly as they move up/down "slopes"

  • Hi, I've been working on fun sim game since C3 came out. It's isometric but only on one level, no height. My maps are 25x25 tiles in size. I've found thats the limit for my 10 year old computer with all the other sprites needed, and that works fine for my game. Also not having collisions on helps.

    If you wanted to have 256x256 you could store all the info in an array then create enough tiles just to cover the screen then when the screen is scrolled the tiles stay in place but simply change the image of the sprites to the relative position in the array.

    Sorry i don't have a more recent gif, this is quite old now.

  • Hey mOOnpunk,

    Really nice idea with the scrolling, will give that a try if it starts to chug with too many sprites.

    Best of luck with your project

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