How do I increase enemy health each stage?

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  • As title my wondering is how is possibile to keep an increase of enemey health on each stage.

    I gonna explain a little bit more how the game is structured.

    Idle/Clicker game style per stage, each stage as a 10 waves of enemies at the start

    Stage 1 1st to 10th wave has 100hp

    Stage 2 1st to 10th wave shuold have 150hp

    Stage 3 .......225hp and so

    I tried increasing both instance variable and/or global variable, but there's no way for me to keep the increase during the waves of the 2nd stage

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  • You need to split the enemy on created logic and say depending on the stage(var) - set enemy instance health to a value. Or with tracking using a global var, you can set this at each stage and always say enemy on created set hp to global var.

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