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  • How do I save a screenshot in c3 using the native exporter?

    On c2, I was able to accomplish this using a cranberrygame plugin and Cocoon.io. But now that Cocoon is taking it's time offering support to c3 and cranberrygame's plugins are MIA again... I am needing a way to do the following..

    Capture a screenshot of the canvas at the canvas's resolution and then save it to the phone (android and iOS).

    If possible would love for it to be visible in the camera roll or in the pictures or screenshots folder on most devices.

    Things I have tried: the system expression to capture the screenshot.. and browser to invoke download and open in a new window. All this works on PC using chrome, and in preview mode.. but doesn't work once the project is compiled to an APK.

    Once again, to the ones who offer a solution, THOUSANDS of semi truck drivers appreciate it I have a little over 2,000 truck drivers using a version of my app now but would like to be able to offer them a much newer version... and sadly i built the app in c3 and have no way of downgrading it back to c2.

    Ashley is this even possible?

  • This is still holding me back.

    $10 bounty for anyone that can explain how to get this to work using c3's build service for android and iOS.

    $20 if a plugin creator could create a plugin.

    via Paypal or BitCoin

    Ashley Tom is this even possible?

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  • Any thoughts?

  • Yep, I’d like to know how to do this too.

  • Any thoughts?

    Why don't you revert to Construct 2 for the time being?

  • I have slowly been reverting my project back to c2. Just wish I would have developed new version using c2

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