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  • Hello, I have integrated in my game the conditions for it to be played with the controller, it can also be played by default on the keyboard and I have integrated a new condition, with a left click of the mouse, my character shoots a projectile, for the moment all this works well then I added as a condition the possibility of aimed at the mouse, the keyboard and mouse game works well but when I play the gamepad my player moves well but remains blocked in one direction, I don't know how to better explain it, I put a link to my game so you can see my problem more easily. I am desperate I can't find the solution to my problem, I thank you in advance for your precious help.

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  • In event 2 you set player angle to (mouse.x, mouse.y)

    You need to do this only when playing with mouse. So you can add a variable ControlType and check if ControlType="mouse", then set player to mouse position. If ControlType="gamepad", set player angle to player.8Directions.MovingAngle or something similar.


    Also you should consider making separate event groups for different control types. Then activate/deactivate these groups depending on which control type is used. This will make the code more manageable and easier.

  • Thank you very much, you have solved my problem, I can move forward with my project, I really want to play both the gamepad and the mouse keyboard

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