Game display ratio 16:9 or 19:9?

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  • Hello! I'm working on my first mobile game. My target devices are both iphone and android. I'm having a difficulty regarding choosing the display size for my game.I did a research on mobile display ratio and found that most recent phones like Samsung Galaxy S20 and iphone XR have a 19:9 ratio. I'm currently using an iphone 7 which has a 16:9 ratio.

    I want my game to be able to adapt both ratio.I've tried download a couple games from app store and they display perfectly on my iphone7 and other people's iphone XR, no cropping at all. I don't know how they pull that off.

    Currently my game is 19:9 ratio and when I tested it on my ip7 and it has black bars on top and bottom. I've set the View port fit Auto and Letter box scale.

    Should I set my game and assets at a different ratio?

    Hope I can find a solution for this before I go too far in developing the game. Thank you in advance!


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  • The most common solution is to build your game for one display ratio and use "Scale Outer" mode to support devices with different screens.

    Set "Scale Outer" mode in project properties and stretch backgrounds by about 100px from each side on all layouts.

    Say, if you choose 16:9, and your game is run on iphone X in landscape mode, it will show more of the background on the left and right (instead of black bars). If it's run on an iPad, it will show more background at the top and bottom. Make sure to enable Unbounded Scrolling for all layouts, and you can use Anchor for your UI elements.

  • dop2000 You solved my problem. You also included the anchor solution for UI elements which I did not think of. Thank you so much!

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