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  • Hello,

    I have a question after reading the information from game analytics.

    I follow the procedure as indicated:


    On star layout:

    add "resource" to available resource item type

    add "gold" to available resource currencies

    Initializes GA

    When i need:

    add resource resource event source: "gold", gold (a variable), "Gold", "resources"

    And when I go to Game Analytics I don't see any changes.

    Did I miss something?

    In addition, I only see one session on GA, however I use it on my mobile phone (apk debug) and on my PC, shouldn't I have two sessions?

  • Game Analytics isn't a cloud saving service.

  • I did not say the opposite ...

    It is a game data analysis tool. I would like to use it to count sessions and unique users as well as some global variables to be able to analyze the game and calibrate it afterwards.

  • GA has a bunch of confusing methods so you'll have to dig through their documentation.

    I ended up just using the error event as it allows for a string.

  • And when I go to Game Analytics I don't see any changes

    Have you tried other events? For example, progression - level start/finish? Do they work?

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  • Hello, i have try





    - and progression.

    I wonder if I have nothing to configure in addition to the website?

    In addition, I see sessions, single players, etc. therefore the "connection" is effective.

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