How to download layouts dynamically ?

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  • A solution for downloading levels, I think you can try using AJAX to pull a JSON/XML file that contains all the available levels/mini-games, and then the positions of sprites etc. are stored in a JSON file, which the client reads and recreates.

    Problem is, you can't download event sheet that way as far as I know, so all the event sheets would have to exist in the mobile game client that you put out. If you actually keep each minigame exported as HTML5 games on a webserver and then just display that wrapped in the game client, it may be easier.

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  • Yeah.

    Working on mobile makes things harder. We basically need to make a game A that downloads, installs, and run other games B,C,...

    Either download them as standalone or embedded in game A is OK, but the more streamlined the process, the better :)

  • Hello,

    I am making a mobile game that is like a portal for other mini-games.

    the mini-games will be developed in the future and will be available on a server.

    Each mini-game will have its own Layout, Event Sheet, Images, Audio ..etc.

    Is there a way to be able to check for new levels on the server, download the new mini-games and add them to the main game?

    The game will be on Android and iOS.

    Thanks a lot :)


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