How do I create an information screen/ add to my game so that i can edit the content afterwards?

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  • hi

    is it possible to create a sign or a billboard etc. element to game, thats content i can modify after the game is released?

    the goal would be to be able to update the text that players sees in the game.

    for example, in a platformer game, a player walks to the sign that has text in it, its unreadable and when a player comes to the sign and clicks it, a pop up opens with the text.

    and i would need to be able to modify that text, from time to time. it would be like a news board, etc. , having some most recent real life content in it. so not just a default text that would never change. and it would not be smart solution to all ways be forced to put out a completely new version of the game when i want to change that text.

    So with my basic knowledge of programming, there should be some file in the server i host, and the game would constantly check what is the data in that file, and show that in the sign in game. But have no idea how that can be established...


    Antti K.



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  • you would do that with AJAX and request the file you want from your site server, or get data from a mySQL database on your site. You have to use SSL these days to make it work.

    there are some good tutorials to get you started, and if you get stuck there are plenty of us with lots of experience with this.

  • awesome, thanks for the qick reply!

    and yes, i surely need for dummies/step by step kind of instruction for it =)

  • Hi,

    if you're new, you can check my tuts on my youtube channel. Plenty of them use AJAX but mostly to get project files. You can use it to get external files as well though.

    hope that helps


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