How do I create a functional Inventory? (File Attached)

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  • I really appreciate your time to show me how to create a functional array for inventory use.

    No problem! Array is the way!

    i got it to stop by only allowing the creation if the inventory slot is not overlapping an inventory item object

    That should work if it makes the condition false but be careful since the event is still running constantly. I would add it to the space bar press event myself to create them when inventory is opened and destroy them when inventory is closed, or are you hiding them?

    You will likely come across more bugs but if you understand the array all should be fine :) Maybe as practice you could add a description for each item that shows when you mouse over the inventory slots, descriptions stored in the array too!

  • Yeah Space bar toggles the layer visibility.

    I think I’m about 75% understanding now, enough to perhaps start learning to seperate left and right inventories by type and create a storage box of some kind and transfer an item between the two. All new and exciting things to learn.

    I was looking to perhaps create a seperate array or file to store all the games items/descriptions and reference it if a condition matches which I believe would save me from putting 200+ descriptions in individually using other methods.

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  • Yes if it's predetermined data then you can create and fill out an 'array file' on the right side tool bar and then use the load action to load it into the array so you can read from it during runtime.

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