How do I create a 2/4 Player Splitscreen game

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  • Hi. Just wanted to ask if someone already tried this and if it is possible to create a 2 or 4 player splitscreen game in C3 (without Plugins).

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  • Yes it is possible, but it can end up really clunky/buggy. Basically amounts to creating duplicate sprites (use containers) at offsets with blend modes to mask viewports. I imagine you would want to have one "master" set that handles all the game logic, while the other viewports are visual representations only. I'm sure you'll find previous threads on this topic if you run a search.

    I haven't tried myself, but the Paster plugin would be a huge help.

  • Paster and Canvas plugins can't be converted because the C3 sdk still doesnt support graphics yet.

    These are so useful i hope the sdk is updated soon.

  • Thanks for the replies. It would be nice to have something like 2/4 player splitscreen for Xbox One but right now I noticed some performance problems with my (only 10MB) game and I imagine a splitscreen game would run very badly right now. Don't know if this can be improved by Construct or with an SDK update from Microsoft.

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