How do I make a crate a class section like call of duty?

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  • I want to create a 2D side-scrolling shooter but there is only one thing stopping me and giving me a hard time and that is a Crate A Class section. I want to have a gun selection screen were the player can customize it with a camo and select a different weapon if they want. I don't want the weapons to be an animation I want them to be separate sprites since i've seen many tutorials on youtube that make the guns separate animations and I don't like that. If anyone knows how to do it would be awesome. But if it isn't possible to do this please tell me because I don't want to be wasting my time and spend more time on the map making and map selection thing.

  • It's entirely possible!

    Not sure where you're stuck or how far you've gotten though, so advice is hard to give

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  • I haven't started the process yet as I have just started making the weapons and camos and attachments. I thought I found out a way to do this but I have not tried it yet because I'm not entirely sure it if it would work. I'm happy that it is possible because I've been wanting to make a COD type game for a looooong time. Thanks for responding to me and now I will continue making updates to the game.

  • 1) if u watched the multiple animations tutorial for guns, u can do the same thing, but instead of one sprite with lots of animations splice the animations on different sprites, and use the sprites. is the same process but with N_animations*number of guns*number_of_skins_on_gun_as_animations.

    ul have to double check position of image points of the gun, and other things like that, which will increase ur code events, but u can add all ur weapons in a family for general coding, and use sprites for picking the weapon etc.

    2)u will probably need a array or xml or localsaving thing if u want it to have a custom shop that saves the current equipped and unlocked weapon.

    there are various hints and tips to give, but it all depends on how u want to do it, if u want to update the database of the guns in store, id use xml and put it on a website hosting somewhere where u can edit the guns players can buy or unlock. for xml information u can check the xml tutorial in C3, is rather simple and is amazingly simple.

    3)then use the xml with a array or localstorage or online database for players to check what they unlocked/equipped etc and when he starts the game compare all the data and equip the player with his last items he had before he quitted game.

    but that is more of outside what ur question was.... see point 1 for subject relevancy.

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