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  • Good morning to all. I have a problem that cannot be solved and I need it for a university project; we are doing a visual psychophysical test to detect changes in spatial frequency in patients with Parkinson's (a problem that is beside the point);

    I have created a simple test of a stimulus which with right and left works, with successes(global variable)=0 and errors(global variable)=2; I mark that when I press the correct stimulus I add a hit and when I do the reverse I subtract 1 miss, but when I pass the first hit it always subtracts and adds both, and it sucks because it's not real and I don't know what happens. I attach screenshots:

    If I erase or cancel the sequence of failures, it perfectly counts the successes; but if not the problem is the following:

    Sometimes it works correctly, but other times it does very strange things and subtracts and adds at the same time.

    any idea or solution?

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