Collisions between Player and all other solids stopped working, now stuttering through solids.

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  • Hi all, I've spent about 14 hours on forums and YouTube unable to find the issue resolution. I have also recreated my project from scratch (link below) and the issue started on the new project a few minutes in and deleting any recent changes did not reverse the issue.

    Player was colliding correctly with other solids such as trees, houses, solid tilemap etc. now every solid the player hits I see a visual glitch (like a stutter) and walk right through all other solids.

    Solids enabled, collisions enabled, it was working perfectly, then just bugged out.

    I thought it may have been the sort ZOrder based on the solid origin points but i deleted it with no resolution.

    .c3p file added to OneDrive if anyone can have a look i would be forever grateful.!ArPmy3wHxvqIhQSQ2YjNeUVBJRsk

  • You need to remove 8direction and Solid behaviors from Player sprite. Only one sprite (PlayerBox) should be controlled with 8behavior.

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  • You are amazing. thanks a million. all is working, i new it had to be something so simple that i stuffed up.

    Player Sprite behaviour is now only 'Pin" to the Direction Box Sprite

    Direction Box Sprite has 'solid' + 'scroll to' + '8 direction'

  • Direction box also should not be solid. Only obstacles need to be solid.

  • even better. thank you. not sure how to mark this query as solved. but yeah all works well now thank you

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