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  • I am making a game that for now have 2 objects, Player and a Solid, both with colisions enabled, but for what ever reason the player is coliding with the soldid after the polygons actually enters in contact with it, it just isn't using the colision polygons to detect a colision

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  • Have you checked the collision polygon in the animations tab?

    It doesn't always turn out as you might expect - especially for non-regular shaped objects.

  • Yes i have, i checked all the animations (i would put the game files here but i don't know how 2 do it)

  • Save as a .c3p file, upload it to a dropbox/googledrive and post link here.

    Is solid enabled at start on your solid obstacle?

  • Solid is enabled on start, and here are the files

  • It's not great to use WeTransfer - those links expire and it means that no-one can access that in the future.

    With dropbox or googledrive you get lots of data for free. Use dropbox preferably.

  • Your example works fine. Your character walks around and detects collision properly.

    You've drawn collision separate to the graphics, yes? Presumably to make it look like the character is walking behind the objects?

    'Fundo' is one big sprite with a weird triangle of collision where C3 has wigged out trying to work out your shape (which is why I said check).

    The other collision there is on 'colisao', which you seem to have drawn as an invisible object.

    I'm not sure what you were hoping for here. What do you want to happen?

  • I saw your message now, the objetc "fundo" (BackGround, the project is in portuguese), i just don't want the player to directly colide with it, then i created the objetc "Sólido" (Solid) to make the colisions, and then this problem happend

  • Also i made the "Colisão" (Solid, Colision) to make these effect of walking behind the other object as you said but i don't know why it isn't coliding as i wanted

  • Unfortunately I can't reproduce the problem. It's acting as I would expect it to. Your character's collision polygon hits the scenery collision polygon, and works as I would expect.

  • I tried some other things and it turns out that the problem was related to the behavior, the player is with "grid movement" and when i swicthed to "8 directions" it worked as i expect, and when i return to "grid movement" the problem started again, but now i just moved to 8 directions and it's working just fine

  • Glad it got sorted!

    If you really want only 4 way movement, then you can restrict that on the 8 way movement behaviour.

    Good luck with the rest of your project!

  • Thanks!

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