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  • Hi,

    is anyone having issue with cloud saves?

    Everytime i try a cloud save, the dialog box appears and it takes a very long time to load the directories on my cloud.

    Does anyone face the same issue?

  • I would love to know as well, it seems to infinitely load. I can't wait all day, ya know...

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  • Hey rickario, we made some changes to how we load folders from the cloud in the last stable. It used to be that we would load the whole tree of folders and files at once, which could take awhile if you've got a lot of files and folders. Now we load a folder at a time, which is generally a lot faster.

    Do you find it any faster than the old version?

    what platform are you using? You might have a sign in popup hiding away somewhere, it will show as loading until the sign in is completed. The cloud component talks directly with your provider, so any slowdowns are either the provider being slow or your internet connections I'm afraid.

  • The latest released has improved the loading. It is much more stable now.

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