character being "nudged" away from solid wall when touching and turning from it

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  • So I am having a weird issue where when I turn my character away from a solid wall (while touching it) it kind of nudges him up and away slightly. I am using mirrored for the opposite direction with animations like walking, running. It's a Top down horror game, I assume it's some kind of collision issue but should I use individual animations for everything and stop using mirrored?

  • Check your collision polygons - are they square? Is the origin centered on every frame in your animation?

    Related to collisions, it is common practice to use an invisible box sprite object as your character's base and pin a separate object with the animations to it. This segregates any mechanics issues and animation issues.

    Mirrored isn't commonly used in top down games, but that depends on how you set up your game. There normally shouldn't be any mechanical reason not to use mirrored.

  • okay thank you so much I will try that! I'll come back if there are any issues.

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  • Yeah, this is most likely your collision box on the Sprite object, and image point. I've had issues because lines of the collision box were not entirely straight, and or flat. Check the boxes manually for the X, and Y position on each point of the collision box in the sprite editor.

    These days I mostly just use a square placeholder for certain objects like players, then just pin the player to that square. Two objects "playerBase", and then "Player. Pinning/moving "Player" to "playerBase", then manipulating each object as needed for different gameplay mechanics.

    Then, of course, make sure your image point is centered for all animations/framse. The image point will need to change, depending on the animation. With pixel art it's a bit easier, as you can use a common pixel in each animation frame, and use that as a reference to position the image point properly for that frame.

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