changin z sorting order by script in the editor

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  • I am currently making an isometric game and I order the tiles by sorting by the y position and for stacked tiles I use layers. This works great for what I am doing.

    But when designing the level/world in the construct editor the z order is obviously wrong in the editor itself, if I don't manually correct it. Which makes creating maps an extreme pain and it's very hard to see how it will look like without testing every few seconds.

    I wondered if there is a way to run a similar script in the editor, so the z order is changed live while designing the world in the engine?

    Unfortunately I have no experience with extending the functionality of the editor and would really appreciate some help!


    I posted a feature request:

    I hope I have done the request correctly.

  • Greetings fedca

    A couple weeks ago I posted this isometric level editor, maybe it can help you ?

    Best wishes,


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  • Hey Elanor,

    That's a cool project, but not really what I am looking for as I want to create the level design in the game editor itself, because the game should start with the world already designed. I'm not trying to make an editor game.

    I'm sorry my initial question might have been a bit unclear.

  • Hello fedca

    It is possible to export the level and put it in the editor and load it at runtime as a JSON file

    I suggest you use something like this instead of depending on scirra because you can modify the level editor to add any features you might want instead of depending on them, as they are really busy and might not be able to add all of the features you want.

    This project is really barebones to get you started to be built on, not to be used as-is

    You can remove autotilling and rendering if you don't want those features too.

    Best of luck with your porject


  • Yea, I guess that's a way to do it, a bit ridicolous though if I have to be completely honest.

    I will try to create my own editor instead of using yours though, not that there is anything wrong with it.

    I don't expect scirra to instantly go ahead and implement it, but I still want to make a point that something like this would be a feature that people would benefit from imo.

    thanks for the help, Elanor!

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