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  • Hello girls and guys!

    At first sorry for my bad English, i am from the Netherlands but i hope you understand my question :)

    I have a visible screen with a 480x270 resolution. It’s only the visible area. It gets bigger when you walk and then more land appears. I have a lot of grass in my level, i build it with 15 different sprites to make nice curves etc. When the ingame winter begins i want to change all the 15 grass sprites into 15 snow sprites.

    What is the best option?

    * make the 15 grass sprites real sprites (no tilemap) and program like: Change grasssprite01 to snowsprite01 when it’s winter, this also for sprite 02 etc untill all 15 sprites are changed. Disadvantage i think is i have a lot of sprites in view at the same time.

    * make a new layer with only snow, when it’s winter i will activate the layer and put it on top of the grass layer. Disadvantage i have to draw my land layout twice, one for grass, one for snow.

    * change the grass tilemap to the snow tilemap in the same layer by programming (dont know if that is possible).

    Can somebody tell me what should be the best way? Or maybe there is a way i did forgot? The grass or snow sprites dont need any kind of animation. you can compare my idea the way Stardew Valley changes the seasons.


    Tim Jansen

    The netherlands

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  • Hey there. The way I would achieve this is have a second frame on the grass sprites, representing the snow sprite(turning Loop Animation "off" obviously). Then simply have the sprites change from Frame 0(which is actually the first frame), to Frame 1(which would be your snow frame), once the change to Winter takes place.

    You could also make use of a "Family"(placing all the sprites within that family), and change it across the entire Family of Sprite Objects in your Event Sheet. Or have a block/group of code in the Winter area of your event sheet, that changes each sprite to the second animation frame.

    I hope this makes sense. There may be a more efficient way to do it. But, I'm only a few months into re-learning Construct.

  • Hey there, if your texture for the grass isn't animated, place them as a tilemap, it's possible to load a new texture in a tilemap from the project files; is that possible for you to share how your stage look with those grass? That could help ~

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