How do I center images in animation?

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  • Hello!

    First of all, there might be an easier way then what I did. I have multiple frames all in 1 image. I would copy the next image/frame into a new animation frame. Then I cropped all the transparent edges from each frame (which might be the cause for the below issue?)

    The animation is below and notice how the bottom of the tree moves in some frames? That shouldn't happen. I tried centering by applying the same canvas size, align to the center, and setting the same image point for all and still seems to be a little off.


    Is there a easy way to adjust this?

    Thank you!

  • Setting the origin image point correctly should definitely fix this.

  • Setting the origin image point correctly should definitely fix this.

    Yup, eventually got it! Take a little bit of manual work but works perfect now :) . Thanks!

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  • I like to make all my origin, sizing, and polygon collisions set up to my first animation frame.

    Then I copy the frame or animation and make edits to the image. If my next frame image is smaller I dont resize the image, and usually polygon and origin stay the same through out (exceptions do exist).

    If the image is larger (ie. character puts their hands up above their head) I will increase the image size and verify the character does not change by previewing before I go on (if origin is center and you stretch the image while having align center it shouldn't change).

    It's all about finding a process that works for you ^^

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