C2 gives Priority relative to the right side?

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  • I noticed that the construct2 happens to create a hierarchy of priority from left to right, and this has left me with problems.

    For example, if the player holds both directional left and right, the move to the right command will always run as a priority.

    I have a problem, I need to identify when the "platform object" character collides with the terrain object. I created a system that predicts the Y position of the object based on platform height.


    According to the image, if the character stands at the junction of 2 parallel terrain and jump, the right side will take precedence over the positioning of the shadow sprite.

    Even though I have created the [sytem> for each (ordered)] event, I created the condition of choosing the terrain object with the smallest value in Y [platform object .Y (ascending)], it happens prioritization on the right side, as if the character had collided with the highest Y-terrain.

    How to solve this problem?

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