Buttons missing from the 'Open Project' Prompt after logging out of cloud save - Chrome

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  • Here are the steps that cause this bug

    1. Opened Chrome
    2. loaded editor.construct.net
    3. logged in to my construct subscription account
    4. Clicked on the 'Cloud' folder link on the top right
    5. Got the 'Open Project' prompt
    6. Clicked on the logout icon (marked with a red box) by mistake instead of the drop down
    7. The 'Open Project'prompt closed
    8. Clicked on the 'Cloud' folder link on the top right


    Got the 'Open Project' prompt - but it contains a gray box with no header access buttons


    Open Project prompt opened, with toolbar for me to sign into desired cloud service and Google Signin prompt appears

    Steps to help resolve this but didn't produce any changes on Chrome

    • Cleared cookies
    • Cleared all browser data
    • Cleared all options on Chrome
    • Made sure to check 'Save & backup' an choose Default save location as 'Cloud'
    • Under Advanced - Disabled Cache cloud metadata under (not sure if that affects this process)
    • Disabled UBlock Origin to see if made any difference.
    • Google Chrome Version 84.0.4147.135 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    I followed the same steps on Firefox and got the 'Open Project' prompt - and it contains the gray box with header access buttons and a status message.

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