Bizarre collision issue. Any advice appreciated!

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  • Alright, so I'm having a very strange bug with my level's collision. My game isn't exactly the most well-made, but it's been working alright so far with only a few small issues. But I have the most confusing issue I've ever encountered in front of me.

    For some strange reason, my level and my "ball" object are not colliding correctly... but only in one specific spot.

    In every other place, everything works fine, but for some reason, on this singular spot, they simply are not colliding.

    It's not an issue with my collision box, either. My "Player" object is colliding just fine, and it's not a massive issue. It's simply strange.

    The issue is on my second level, where my ball is going straight through a small part of the collision box, but working fine everywhere else. it's a tiny lip on my Hills sprite, right at the start of the level.


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  • Im looking at it, weird bug but prob fixable, first of all try not to use that many collision polygons, since it takes a toll on performance. Try use for example for the ball, use circle poly, and for the player use a square poly in the drop down list.

    I have never done a platform with this much collision checks, usually i do "tilemaps" like 1 square for a hill then 1 square for a flat ground, and i snap them together with snap to grid mode.

    Im checking at your project now if i find out why its doing this i will tell you :)

    EDIT: I have checked, i am at work so i have not found any good solution yet, nothing in console either, when i get home i will try to find the glitch, but i still suggest you use less collision polygons, i mean your game is running smooth now doesnt really matter, but if your doing multiple levels later on etc, would be good to think about performance.

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