Which is the best practice for a space shooter Bg?

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  • Hi folks, I'm creating a space shooter for learning purpose. I created an infinite background and all is working fine.

    What If I wanted to create a structured background where for example the player at the beginning sees the Militaruy base, than he flyes over a desert, he sees rivers, piramids and other elements which stays in place and are not random sprites.

    I mean what if I'd like to create a specific world to fly over?

    My idea is to create a 720xThousands long bg sprite but I understand this is not doable because of system performance...or it is doable?

    Just trying to understand the best practice. Thanks

  • The way I tackled this option:

    I created several (The amount can change to your liking - obviously more is going to be a larger file) backgrounds

    Each background was a small repeatable background (Or what you labeled an infinite background)

    After I traveled 12000 distance units it would change to background 2 -> then 18000 changed to background 3

    This allows you to show scenario changes while keeping each one smallish

    If you use this:

    I suggest setting your infinite background as you already made as animation 1 - then adding the 2nd 3rd etc as new animations

  • Oh this is a nice idea. Use one sprite with different animations. Sounds cool. I have to try it. Thanks for the tip.

  • Hi, how you calculate the distance units?

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  • I am not sure if there is a built in. But how I have done it before is with a check to verify the unit is moving. Then every tick add a fraction of that movespeed to the total distance traveled.


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