Best way to have families collide with themselves?

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  • ARGH! sorry, bad mistake on my part... at least that issue is resolved!

    so now back to figuring out if bullet and custom are incompatible...

    also R0J0hound do you have a kofi account or something? I very much appreciate all your help and wouldn't mind buying you a coffee.

    EDIT: oh no, this has been working right all along! it was only my test that was faulty! but the original issue of you helping with family vs family and orbit speed to bullet speed was VERY helpful, so thank you!

    btw I checked that angle calculation MANY times and somehow I missed the Y and Y!

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  • Glad it’s working now. Those tiny typos get me all the time. I only saw it after I started removing stuff.

    Thank you kindly for the offer but I don’t have anything for donations set up. It’s fun for me to help out from time to time.

  • well I guess all I can do is express gratitude, so thank you! There are a number of great helpers on these forums, so I always try to give back (pay it forward) if I can. I guess in general your help is of a different variety, and really helps me to see things differently.

    I notice you don't have medal on your profile pic. Scirra should definitely comp you a lifetime c3 membership!

  • Glad it’s helpful!

    I don’t have a c3 subscription but they were generous in giving me a few years free a while back. I didn’t really use it too much though. I’m perfectly happy with the free version for how much I use it.

    I like the construct products for the rapid prototyping aspect of them, and I enjoy helping find solutions on the forum. Apart from that I don’t really ever export or make full games. So the limits of the free version are no issue at all.

  • R0J0hound oh that's great they did give you a few years free.

    also just curious... do you work in game development? do you have twitter or blog or anything to follow?

  • Yeah the Gullen Bros are cool people.

    I don’t work in game development, so this is just for fun. This is pretty much the only forum I post in. I don’t have a blog or any social media, although a blog could be fun someday.

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