Best way to create a private game over the internet?

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  • Hi all,

    Can you give me some advice on how to play over the internet? On this moment I am separated for a very long time from my Motswana family because of Corona. Therefore I like to create a board game which I can play with our small daughter of 11.

    I am thinking of games like Mancala, Monopoly or Sorry! which we enjoy to play when we are together. I also like to track the game progress, so we can pick up where we left. So I like to save progress at some location on the internet. Speaking of the Internet, the connection is very slow and poor. So after an interruption or disconnection, I like the game just to take up as nothing has happened.

    So I am thinking of placing a file containing the moves, actions onto that location which gets interpreted by the other players game version. Then C3 checks the move/action and show that on the players board.

    So this game will have the following sections :

    A module which draws and setup the board locally on each computer and etablish the players information (name, game piece, starting point, ...). This modules will also carry out the actual moves and actions.

    A module wich collect the data coming from the module above and save/send it to the internet location. This module will also listen for the other playes input and deliver that to the module above.

    Can you advice/tell me which method I best use and how. I know Scirra has a server setup for this kind of games with C2 but I do not know if that is still available with C3. I also intend to play this game in the browser only so maybe publish it on one of my own website spaces? On this moment, I do not know of the best option to use.

    Your help/advice will be very much appreciate. Thank you in advance.


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