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  • 1.For example, I made some game, published, and for some time this game made popular, but i have poor ads, and want update game. I can notify user via notification about update, or i can make on start some alert, for example connect game with database, and system on start look some field, if in field is for example letter A, i will on start put some layer to force user for update and link to google play ?

    2. Construct not have official addon for notifications right? I notice some external plugins , but this looks not stable, what if user stop update plugin ?

    Thanks :)

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  • Your correct that C3 doesn't have a push notifications plugin at the moment. Setting up push notifications generally requires signing up to a service or writing your own server, so they aren't particularly easy to use for not technical developers.

    If you want to encourage users to have the latest version of your app installed I can think of a relatively easy way. Have a simple web server set up with a service like AWS, and place a text file on it that contains the current version number for your app. Then in the app have it request this file from the server when it's started, and check it against it's own version number. If they don't match then display a message to the user saying an update it available for the app. It requires the user to have a network connection to check, but then so does sending a push notification and updating the app.

  • Thanks Nepeo, notifications have very big marketing power to involve old users, back to app, do you know maybe when Construct will make official plugin for that?


  • Push notifications are likely outside the scope of Construct and more along the lines of hosting/backend cloud services, so I wouldn't expect support for that ever.

    Local notification support on the other hand, would be pretty great to have.

    If I recall correctly there were some third party plugins for C2 that facilitated this capability. No idea where C3 stands though.

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