How do i allow my players to make graphic mods ?

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  • Hi,

    I would like to load sprites sheet at runtime to make my game easy to mod. How ?

    Thank you

  • hi, i'm wondering if i can use tileMap and it's "Load image from URL" in place of a sprite for my player character. This way i could keep my spritesheet animation Character separated. Does any one have ever used TileMap this way ?

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  • This can definitely work. However, keep in mind that various controls are not supported by tilemap, such as rotation, imagepoints etc.

    It can also be cumbersome to control animations as you have to write your own function for frame changes, animation speed etc.

    You could try tiled background as an alternative as it supports image scaling, rotation and offsets in order to parse through the image map. Again, animation controls missing.

    Another suggestion would be to still use sprites, loop through the animations and frames and load the images from an URL. Like this you have the full sprite functionality.

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