How to use Advance random plugin ?

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  • AdvancedRandom.Gradient is lower level than your expecting. It doesn't operate at Sprite level. You give it a value and it returns the output of the mathematical linear gradient function, which you have defined by adding color stops.

    You have specified that at 0 the gradient is red and at 1 the color is green. So the result for various values would be:

    • 0 = rgb(100%, 0%, 0%)
    • 0.25 = rgb(75%, 25%, 0%)
    • 0.5 = rgb(50%, 50%, 0%)
    • 0.75 = rgb(25%, 75%, 0%)
    • 1 = rgb(0%, 100%, 0%)

    The range is dependent on the position of the color stop, if you set the second stop at a position of 2 then the range would be 0 to 2 instead.

    The easiest way to convert this function into a colour is to use DrawingCanvas. The getting started with advanced random shows some examples towards the end of converting the output of a noise function into a colour using the gradient function. If you change the input expression to something like AdvancedRandom.Gradient(y / DrawingCanvas.SnapshotHeight) it would give you a gradient like shown in the pictures.

  • Another Question

    Why tween behavior doesn't have other options like Loop, PingPong, FlipFlop and reverse ?

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  • I'm not involved in the development of the tween plugin, and haven't really used it in any of my projects so I can't really comment on what features it has. You might have more success creating a new thread asking other users about it.

    If you think it's missing a specific feature you would find useful I recommend submitting it to ourfeature request page.

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