Ads not visible using Mobile Advert plugin (Solved)

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  • JLH1964

    Tried with an object with video reward ad

    Logcat message on the object being touched:

    4444-4444/com.mycompany.myapp W/art: Attempt to remove non-JNI local reference, dumping thread

    If the app doesn't crash, and the UI is still responsive, you should see a call to Admob for an ad - if you don't, your ad setup is incorrect in C3. Even with incorrect Ad Id's etc, you should still see a call in LogCat for an ad.

    Note: There are many lines in the Logcat window, make sure the call isn't buried among all the noise.

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  • JLH1964

    On the cordova export options im always using on android build with fullscreen mode letterbox scale, android studio project, for an easy install on my cellphone.

    I have on gradle dependencies {

    classpath ''

    classpath ''

    Also on project window on android studio, project mode, on module settings... Dependencies:

    {include=*.jar, dir=libs} Compile

    {path=CordobaLib, configuration=debug} debug compile

    {path=CordobaLib, configuration=release} release compile compile

    Edit: this time i build a debug apk on C3 with test mode disabled, and i installed it on my cellphone, but still not showing any type of ads

    edit2: another debug apk with test mode enabled, its still the same.

  • [quote:2ak2czs3]@gatostao

    Hi, im not seeing the test ads or real ads, can you explain the solution a little more please?

    Also, on export i selected android studio , i opened with android studio and used the "play" to test on my phone, but im not getting the ads.

    I have my own ads and i used the test id ads too. Im desperated.

    Hi JLH1964

    First of all you don't need to do the whole process of building a debug apk with android studio. You can build your debug apk right in C3.

    Second, we might be going through different problems however I will explain to you how I solved mine. My problem was, app was loading the banners they just wasn’t visible. The main reason I think, was because I was using the browser’s plugin action “Request full screen”. This action will prevent the adverts to be visible. Removing this action solved the problem.

    I can give you some extra advices to make sure you are configuring the ads properly.

      Don’t forget to set the App ID on the plugin properties. Use the “Set app ID action” to make sure that the “mobile adverts” plugin gets ready to show ads. Leave the ads on Test mode for testing, otherwise you could be penalized by admob. Preload your ads with enough time to show them with the action “create advert” (of the type you need) Don’t forget to specify the right Banner advert unit ID on this action Use the right action of the mobile advert plugin to trigger your ad.

    Remember don’t use a “request full screen action”.

  • gatostao

    Hi,thanks for the answer, i do not have the object browser on my project. And the display properties its fullscreen mode letterbox integer. Im not getting adds.

  • gatostao

    Hi,thanks for the answer, i do not have the object browser on my project. And the display properties its fullscreen mode letterbox integer. Im not getting adds.

    Well, it's hard to know what is happening without having the project. However I can tell you what I did to find the problem. Besides receiving help in this forum of course.

    I created a text object and set it to display messages after any trigger of the plugin, meaning (for me) :

    On configuration complete

    On configuration failed

    On banner failed to load

    On banner loaded

    On banner ready

    On banner shown

    I know this shuld be easy for a programmer to find on the log or debbug but I'm no programmer so this is much more easier and clear for me. That way I found that the ads were being loaded successfully and being shown, but in an invisible manner.

    Maybe doing that or watching al this triggers on the console you can find what is missing.

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