I want to add Watch ad or spend diamonds screen when game is over

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  • Please help guys.. i am creating a platformer game and need to add a screen when player dies.. which says continue with diamonds or watch ad to continue.

  • What did you try so far?

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  • I've done this before, there are multiple ways you can do it depending on how secure you want it to be.

    First, you need a HUD displaying the screen, with buttons, etc, add a watch ad button that makes rewarded video pop up, on rewarded video finish add x amount of diamonds OR use a variable to check if the player has finished the video.

    Use diamonds button would just have a few events subtracting from 1 variable just like it would be lives, if diamonds <=0(less or equal to then 0) then disable the button, make it grayed out or something, it's up to you.

    TO SAVE STATE LIKE AMOUNT OF DIAMONDS ETC AND LIVES, use local storage, you can use other types of saving methods, but I suggest you use local storage, it's only a bit less secure, but that does not matter with games other than online games.

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