Add together all instance variables?

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  • Hey there!

    I was wondering what the simplest way to for loop through all the instances of a certain object and add together all of their values for the instance variable "amount"

    For example:


    (Instance Variable) Amount: 2


    (Instance Variable) Amount:7

    Total Amount: 9

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  • You can do this with scripting:

    var obj = runtime.objects.Sprite.getFirstPickedInstance();
    var result=0;
    for (var key in obj.instVars) {
     result +=obj.instVars[key];
    console.log("Result=" + result);

    But it may be more convenient in this case to use a dictionary or an array instead of a bunch of instance variables. Add the dictionary and the object to a container, and each instance of the object will have its own copy of the dictionary.

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  • dop2000 thanks for the help, this is convenient timing as I've been experimenting with the scripting in construct today as well.

    Appreciate it!

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