How do I adapt Chat Room tutorial to the new system of Functions ?

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  • Hi,

    So first sorry for my bad English, I'm French and I try to learn Construct, for making little games for fun.

    I'm new to construct but I usually work with Unreal Engine®.

    So my problem is, I try to follow the Multiplayer Tutorial for making Online Chat room.

    I'm able to connect as Host and Peers, but my Log System is a little bit broken I Think x)

    I have a problem to adapt the old system function to the new system, I make a function "Add Log" with a parameter String (Log).

    EVENT 1 : When Function "AddLog"

    - Actions : TextLog set text to (Self.text & newline & Function.AddLog(Log))

    TextLog Scroll to bottom

    But when I Call AddLog nothing happened, I'm connected but No log showing in TextLog.

    It's possible to add value to parameter with an action ?

    Eg : when I'm connected to signaling server, modify value of parameter(log) with text "Loggin-in..." ?

    If I make this system work, I translate the tutorial in French for French community and adapt this to construct 3 ;)

    Thank's in advance.


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