Windows Store Data and Trial for Xbox games working?

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  • Hi. Can I use the Windows Store plugin features for my Xbox Creators Program games?

    Things like roaming storage to store data/settings for example. Did anyone test if this works?

    And how do the trials in Windows Store work? Does the store handle the trial and check if the x hours are over for your account and I just can use the condition "is trial" to check if it is in trial mode (to restrict features) or not or do I need additional "code" to make trial versions? Any help would be very much appreciated.

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  • Hi. Just submitted my game with some Roaming values to test it on Xbox. local tests with my Xbox and on PC seemed to work. But it would be nice to see which account in Windows store is signed in and used or the possibility to log out/sign in with another account.

    I used the roaming value data after Xbox live sign in was successful. But the store account is different and not connected to Xbox live as far as I know. But you cant see or use this data?

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