I have got tired with drawing canvas

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  • Hi everyone,

    I am using drawing canvas in my project. But since the morning I have been facing same problem & I have grown sick of it

    Issue is that drawing canvas randomly goes empty (my drawing/image on it gets erased). I gave a read to the documentation & learned that change of resolution erases the drawing canvas on next update

    I gave a look at debug window & I got this

    [C3 preview] Browser opened wrong size popup: wanted 720 x 655, got 720 x 654; resizing to compensate

    Is it the culprit? Please help me with this issue. I have gone tired of this & I really want drawing canvas in my project

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  • I'm afraid the only work arounds are a redraw with "on resolution changed", or a swap method to url with sprite, or tiled background. The swap method being the better option as on rez change is super twitchy.

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