[THANKS] Javascript is great, but any potential for adding .NET library functions?

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  • > Never really used this myself, but if u really wanted linq there are alternatives. github.com/mihaifm/linq

    Cool. Will check it out. Thanks!

    > Have you actually tried modern JavaScript with all the latest features? It's a fantastic language with great simplicity, powerful high-level features and expressive syntax. We used it to build all of Construct 3, and I'm a big fan now, it's a great language. Much of Construct 2 was written in C++, and I think we are much better off working in JS.

    Ashley No... Perhaps JS has matured beyond being a simple liaison between "real" coding and the web UI, LOL. Will dig more.

    Does C3 support most of the newest stuff though? Saw for example in the docs that modules for example were not allowed (IIRC). Hate to get excited about the new JS only to find the stuff I need does not work. :)

    OK... so been digging. And wow... ok... JS has a lot of new bells and whistles. Going over some advanced JS tutorials now on classes and new keywords and you're right. Lots of possibilities here. :)

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