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  • Hi. So I've just spent about 4 hours trying to identify why doesn't my Timeline "on keyframe reached" (any tags) condition does not trigger. I've made a master keyframe with a tag, made the condition, specifically copied the name of the tag (so that no typing error occurs or anything). And it still wasn't working properly!

    I've rewatched the scirra's Timelines tutorial for dozens of times, tried to replicate the moment where the gentleman speaks of tags.


    Have you quessed already what my mistake was? Yep: the bar on the left requires the tag to be written without these "", while the condition asks for a text with these "". As a result - the engine probably saw the name of my tag as ""trialpreparenpc"".

    Why am I writing this? First of all, out of frustration (sorry, I needed to chill a little). Secondly, things like that needs to be documented in some way or another (or - which would be better - tags I write on the left properties bar should visualise getting "" after i write them so I can see them duplicating). At least make small remark in tags help that "" are not required here.

    I know in the end I still managed to figure out the problem (and it was my fault - not the engines bug or something), but small things like that increase the learning curve exponentially for new developers. Thanks

  • Yeah, we've all done this.. It would be nice if the editor displayed a warning when you enter text with quotation marks in such fields. And also when you specify a default value for string variables.

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  • Using quotes for strings only applies to expressions and nothing else. The manual only mentions them in the section for Expressions, they're never mentioned anywhere else, because nothing else is an expression. You can't type something like "foo" & number in a property value, nor do you need to name objects "Sprite" in the Properties Bar - you just type Sprite. To help make that clearer I added a note to the expressions manual entry:

    Using quotes for strings only applies to expressions. Don't use them in other places like in property values in the Properties Bar.

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