Suggestion: More "Replace Object" actions for events

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  • Hi. The rightclick > replace object is great if you have many similar/cloned objects but it does not work everytime which could save even more time developing.

    Is it possible to expand this to allow more replacements? I work on a new quick game on C3 right now and I use a player sprite and a hat sprite (we all love hats, right? ) but when I set the hat to an image point I can't replace the object with another hat, only the original object and the player sprite is shown in the list.

    Example code (NOTE: inverted conditions are not shown when you use rightclick > copy as text in C3!):

    + Function: On "ResetHats"

    + Hat1: Is UIElement

    + Hat2: Is UIElement

    + Hat3: Is UIElement

    + Hat4: Is UIElement

    + Hat5: Is UIElement

    -> Hat1: Set position to (-300, -300)

    -> Hat2: Set position to (-300, -300)

    -> Hat3: Set position to (-300, -300)

    -> Hat4: Set position to (-300, -300)

    -> Hat5: Set position to (-300, -300)

    I can just click any hat to replace the object with any other when I use set position.

    + System: Every tick

    ----+ System: HatID = 1

    ----+ Hat1: Is UIElement

    -----> Hat1: Set position to (Player.?ImagePointX(?1?), Player.?ImagePointY(?1?))

    ----+ System: HatID = 2

    ----+ Hat2: Is UIElement

    -----> Hat2: Set position to (Player.?ImagePointX(?1?), Player.?ImagePointY(?1?))

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<< I cant switch Hat1 to another hat here when I use Player.ImagePoint. But why? It works if I double click, then go Back twice to select another Hat and then click contine twice - it keeps the "Set position" and the value. Would be great if you could just replace the objects.


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  • Maybe its a bug? All HAT objects are just a single frame sprite with no instance vars, no behavior, or anything else. Just a single image, cloned and with a different image inside. So it should be possible to select them for replacement?

  • This looks like a copy-paste of what you put on the feature suggestions tracker. Not all replacements are valid: the replacement object has to have the same instance variables, behaviors and effects. We can't make invalid replacements valid. If you think this is a valid replacement which isn't allowed, please file a bug following all the guidelines.

  • Posted it here before I found the suggestion site.

    I can even replace hat with player, which has platform behavior and not the same behavior as the hat. I upload a bug example.

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