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  • This is not basically a topic for Concstruct 3, but there also will be a new store coming along with C3. If it doesn't fit here, just move it.

    Suggestions for the new store

    I've published many assets to the current store. Those suggestions are my personal opinion.

    • Do not allow anonym ratings without comments
    • Make it possible to select more items for "Sales" at once
    • Show a "recently updated" badge (same like the "Sale" badge) if an item was updated recently
    • Dashboard: Show analytics data like "Overall Sales: 2.323 | PageViews: 235.002 | Downloads: 2.963
    • Add a ranking of top sellers
    • New badges for sellers / customers -> Purchased more than 5 items / Sold more than x items and so on.
    • Allow sellers to submit a "Free file of the month".
    • Allow one time purchases like for selling whole projects. Once it has been bought, it will be removed from the store (similar to the exclusive license but without allowing a regular license)

    Codecanyon.net is a very good example for all points above.

    Thanks for your time!

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  • All good suggestions, have been noted.

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