Suggestion: Animation/Motion/Curve sequence editor

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  • Similar to flash and... well... every animation oriented program. A sequences editor/designer for animating multiple sprites using curves/tweens (linear, bezier, and all the other doo-dads) to control position/rotation/scale (and if I dare say it SKEW AND BEND) and perhaps even having readable value only curve sequences to have unique control over opacity, particle speeds, positions, bla bla bla. Single play, looping or key-framed sprite object animation control (lip syncing). Contained within a "sequence" object that could instance/create the referenced sprites upon dragging it onto the layout - and be moved and adjusted as a group. Maybe along with animation sequence could be curve sequences that are used in events or applied like the sine behavior (Apply to position, rotation, scale, etc.) with the option to scale the play speed of the sequence. Ya. Thats about it. It could open a lot of doors. Figuratively and literally. Crazy ass boss battles, unique character animation, lip syncing, moving obstacle with unique patterns... and all in all: More creative control, immersion, and unique possibilities.

    It would also be nice to be able to import construct 2 projects with incompatible plugins that are... I dont know... greyed out, or highlighted with a "Unable to load plugin" bar where the commands and events should be. Instead of just rejecting the project all together.

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  • There is currently an Animation Timeline tool in the works but we dont have any info on features right now AFAIK. Maybe it covers some of what you are asking for.

    The original request is here.

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