Spriter C3 Addon (8-16-2021 Bug fixes)

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  • Hello macube and captainsteff - Sorry for the delay. Was just finishing up an important internal milestone for Spriter 2. I will look into this soon.

  • macube and captainsteff - that part of the js you were getting rid of is built into the plugin sdk and not something specific to the scml plugin. Are you still having this issue? I imported successfully both an old style and self drawing project in 120, 121, and 122.

    In any case. Please try the latest version and see if it changes anything.

    RELEASE NOTES 10-17-2018

    • Importer now works in C3 by dragging in a zip of your project. The zip and the scon file must have the same base filename (e.g. myProj.zip and myProj.scon)
    • You can drag in either a modular project or an atlas project and the plugin will automatically import the correct way
    • If you have a hybrid project (atlas for images, but also sounds and/or collision boxes), this will also automatically be handled
    • If your project has sounds, the necessary sound playback events will automatically be added
    • You no longer need a separate scml file to import modular projects

    Note : Until I hear back from Scirra on a fix, you will have to manually reimport sounds even though they show up as imported in the project panel. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Thanks lucid!

  • lucid The Drag and Drop with a zip-file don't work for me. Have you a example video/gif how it works?

  • macube - we will be making some tutorials and vids, but the main thing is to make sure the zip file and the scon file have the same name. Also, make sure that the scon file isn't in a subfolder in the zip - it should be in the root of the zip.

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  • I don't know how it works. With drag and drop, don't work for me. Here my Steps:

    EDIT: My mistake, i have used the scml, not the scon-file. It works now, thanks!

  • I was just about to reply about needing to use scon file. Glad you got it working.

  • lucid Thank you for the update, works very great. But, how can i update my current spriter-animation on construct 3?

    Example: I have add in construct 3 with the new plugin one player-animation. Now, i change in spriter something about the animation (keyframe) and change a littlebit the sprite. When i drag the new zip-file (with the same name) again to cs3, spriter add complete new objects for that?!

  • I hadn't thought of that. I'll put it on the todo list to look into whether or not I can make it automatically reimport for the same file yet. I will probably have to request more sdk features for that to be possible. [Edit: Just looked into this. I probably won't be able to get to until after the next Spriter 2 milestone, but it looks like it probably won't require any additional sdk files afterall. I will know for sure once I get a chance to dig into it]

    in the meantime, you can remove the old scon file, and import the new version in the project pane. If you're using a sprite atlas, you can load the new one in by double clicking the scml object. If you're using separate sprites, the order of where frames need to be imported requires the import in some cases, so there's not an easy fix for that. In those situations, the only workaround would be to import the new version, select all events with the old version of the scml object and the family and right click - Replace Object.

  • Hi guys, sorry I'm late! Hehe! I can confirm that for me, r122 of C3 works very well with the unmodified Spriter plugin. I always use the "new" import method with the spritesheet and scon file, not the drag-n-drop zip file method. Of course, I'm still using the C2 runtime. Thanks again macube and lucid The community is awesome!

  • captainsteff - glad it's working for you, too. Of course use whichever is most convenient for you, but in case you missed it in the update post, you can use the drag and drop in a zip for the 'new' method now, too.

  • Lucid, I am working with C3 runtime and the pluging doeas appear in the addon manager but not in the new object type creation windows...so so far i cannot use it. Am i using it well?

    I have the web interface as the desktop does not load my game, don't know why yet.

  • Bertconstanty - It doesn't work with the C3 runtime yet. Unfortunately, I don't have an ETA for when I can work on the C3 runtime version yet.

  • Bertconstanty - It doesn't work with the C3 runtime yet. Unfortunately, I don't have an ETA for when I can work on the C3 runtime version yet.

    I'm currently thinking about switching to Construct 3 (+new runtime).

    Spriter is a must for my bigger projects and I would really appreciate if you guys could work together with Scirra in order to get something "more official" going in the future. Maybe Scirra might be interested in doing some sort of marketing campaign, promoting both Spriter 2 and official support within Construct 3 (like in the old Construct 2 days).

  • TheRealDannyyy - Ashley has gone to great lengths to make sure that SDK users would have the same abilities as that type of collaboration would provide. This is why the current version of the plugin's import process already has more features and is more streamlined than it was in Construct 2. We will make sure BrashMonkey's official support for Construct 3 with the Spriter 2 plugin will be completely awesome, even if it means annoying Ashley with 500 more SDK feature requests. I apologize for my relative scarcity while we finish up the Spriter 2 beta. I'm doing my best to make sure the wait will be worth it.

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