Spine Animation JS Template (Spine-TS webgl runtime, with mesh deforms) WIP

  • Awesome work so far. When do you guys think it will be ready for use?

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  • Good question. I guess it's more of an user opinion.

    Right now it basically loads a skeleton and allows you to play an animation and mirror the direction. I think it needs at least one more trigger On Animation Finished or Looped, and then it will have at least basic functionality.

    However, what else would you need, looking at the flyover C2 plugin there's some more ACEs (in particular Events.)

    I suggest trying it out now and give feedback on the plugin github site (e.g. as an issue)

  • It's strange if I do export when there is "Spine" in the scene, then nothing is downloaded to the android except the background of the game. When I delete a file "Spine" from the project, then after export all objects begin to be displayed on the scene.

  • Is this export to apk? What is your process, using C3 to build apk or another process? Have you tried remote preview with your android device, does that work? Can you see the console output from your android device (e.g. on iOS I can see console via connecting USB to a Mac and using Safari Develop mode on Mac to view console. I think there is a similar method for Android.)

  • What settings do you use for exporting your spine 2d project?

    I have been using the default settings but started to notice recently that the animations are slightly blurry in game. I tried out a lot of different settings and the animations still look slightly blurry in game but the animation doesn't look blurry in spine. I am now testing with increased length of black outlines on the art and different resolutions but the same thing happens. I checked spine 2d forums but only person who sounded like they had the same problem was using unity.

  • This may be due to default resolution that we are rendering the Spine texture, I think right now it's set to around the Spine bounds in pixels. I will take a look at the resolution of rendering and reply back to this thread.

    One other thing you can also look at is the output of the Spine texture atlas png and make sure the resolution of the output of the textures from Spine are at the correct resolution you want to use.

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