Are scirra's own mobile services up and running?

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  • Hey everybody,

    I'd love to give C3 a shot for developing mobile games so I tried to find some official information on the state of scirra's own mobile services but my search didn't yield clear answers (I'm talking about Game Center, Google Play Services, Ads and In-App Purchases). Are these available and fully functioning at this point in time (if the answer is no: is there any information if they'll be available in the near future)?


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  • I have tried to include achievements and leaderboard (Google Play Services) but logging in works, but the rest does not unlock or update for me. I might be doing it wrong but if I use markers (like colour of text changing or a block that goes spinning on unlocking a achievement) they will work but I won't see a visual notification of Google Play Services. So I'm on the fence if it works or not. I would really like to get some official statement about this as well.

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