When will Scirra Arcade allow games posted with Construct 3 runtime and not Construct 2 runtime?

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  • So, im finally done with my game but ran into an issue while trying to upload to Scirra Arcades. As many people experienced this, an error will occur saying "Required file 'c2runtime.js' is missing from zip archive". So, long story short. Found a post talking about this specific issue that the developers are trying to get games to get uploaded with construct 3 runtime and actually get rid of the construct 2 runtime. I know there have been a lot of updates with Construct 3 recently.The Scirra Arcade website (when I was on it just yesterday) was really having a lot of errors problems when ever I was attempting to go the next page to see more game. Im hoping that they're on to fixing the site and making the big huge change of finally allowing C3 runtime to be uploaded without issue. (I know, I could just switch back to C2 runtime and upload it, but I really like the construct 3 runtime which runs very smoothly for my game. Also saying i cant switch back because Im using the new features of c3 within my game that can't be used in c2 runtime. Buts its okay.)


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