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  • Ashley - thanks for the great new toys to play with!

    I know that more is coming and look forward to it. A really quick comment / question: in the future can we also get parent/child relationships between Sprite instances of the same Sprite object? It seems like it may not be simple in events / actions, but easier in editor (when that becomes available.) Anyway here's a quick test and the C3 project.


    In editor, showing separate sprites:

    Sample Project:

  • cool :)

  • is that a timeline animation?

  • Shhh, nobody mention inverse kinematics.

  • Fib it's not a timeline animation, I created parent/child relationships between all the parts, starting with the torso as the root. Then I moved the origins to the 'joint' connection with the parent. I then added sin (angle) behavior or tween (angle) to the different parts. With the parent /child relationship it kept everything connected and relative.

    For example, I added rotate to the torso and tween (size) to the torso and the entire skeleton rotates and changes size based on the torso being parent to the entire skeleton.

    newt ik, did someone say ik? Shhhh :)

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  • No bones about it.

  • Inverse Kinematics

    Imagine the possibilities. 😂

    Cool preview Mikal! 👍

  • thanks Mikal, I love it

  • Cool demo! It's always great seeing what uses people put new features to. Our own demos are usually boring boxes 😛 Also heads up to DiegoM who has done most of the work on scene graph so far.

    Do you mind if we re-use this demo to show what scene graph can do? It's nice to have stuff like this for things like the release videos and example projects.

  • Ashley thanks! Please feel free to reuse the demo. Also feel free to refine it, so it looks better :). Thanks for the new feature Scirra, looking forward to it’s development. In terms of feedback, should we just include it in forum posts like this, or would you like it somewhere else (my only current feedback is to also allow instances of one object have parent/child relationships too.)

    Also FYI art credit is in the project.

  • Ah, saw some other experiments, it looks possible to do parent / child from instances to another object.) My question is how would you create actions/conditions to have the instances of the same object create parent/child relationships (e.g. determined by different values of an instance variable of the object?)

  • It's a similar problem to "On collision between SpriteA and SpriteA" - the way picking works means it's difficult to identify just one of the instances involved. The workaround to that also works for scene graph: use a family to pick independently.

  • Thanks Ashley, makes sense for ACEs. I am going to try to change this project to see how it will work. I hope that in editor it will be simpler to do (select child action on parent instance, then select child instance, both can be the same object, but different instances.)

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