scaling and orientation issues when running html5 game on safari + ios

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  • When I build the game as a webpage with fullscreen mode to letterbox scale and add to home screen the game opens up beautifully like a native app without the address bar and already full screen but with the top bar with the clock and notifications. That's fine. But when I set the fullscreen mode to scale outer and do the same as above, it opens with the address bar as a regular browser.

    And I also noticed that the builds from construct 3 lock orientation never work on ios. but the games I've made with construct 2 still work fine..

    Am I missing something here or not doing anything right?

    This is what I do on both C2 and C3

    Browser - lock orientation to landscape

    Browser - request fullscreen - stretch(letterbox scale)

    C2 works but C3 doesn't

    There is another problem happening with ios now. When I do go fullscreen through the browser, and when I keep tapping the buttons in my game which are on touch object, suddenly throws a warning saying you are not supposed to type when on fullscreen. do you want to stay fullscreen or leave? annoying message keep appearing every 10-15 taps..

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  • Sorted out the fullscreen problem..

    I had put the fullscreen command on a on tap gesture condition.. moved it into a on touched condition and now its fine.. crazy behaviour.. but this way it worked..

    The lock orientation issue is still not sorted out.. never worked on C3.. C2 games are fine though..

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