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  • Hi,

    Is there a way to save Editor Customization with the game? When we customize the editor Bars according to our personal ease, it takes a few minutes to set it before starting the work, we can save it and then come back to find the same customization in place PROVIDED YOU RUN CONSTRUCT 3 ON SAME DEVICE AND BROWSER.

    But is there a way to save these settings with the game like "Bundle Addons"? so that, wherever i go on whatever device i run C3, i am all set in work mode with my personalisations intact!

    If there is no such setting then i would like to request this function

    Saving Bars Customization/ Editor Customization with the Game File.

    Edit : I would also like to mention that some bars (Find Reference Bar and Find Result Bar) have some columns that we don't need most of the time, so for more efficient space use and clean customization there should be an option to hide some of the columns for ex: the "project column" is not required in the "find result bar" when i am working on a single project, so there should be an option to hide that bar.

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