Remote Preview - Reload All working properly?

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  • Hi, I noticed that the 'Reload All' option in the remote preview doesn't actually update and changes I've made in code directly to the device (even if I save the project first). This means the only way to see updates again is to rescan the QR code every time which is a bit cumbersome.

    Is this a bug? Not sure that 'Reload all' is very useful if it doesn't actually reload everything.

    v285.3 stable


  • I use remote preview to test in NWJS every time I use C3, reload all works as expected every time for me.

  • Am I right in saying I need to hit F5 before I hit 'Reload All'? I get a message that says 'Remote Project updated' when I do this.

    If so that's great, but maybe this F5 command should just be included automatically in the Reload All command.

  • BTW, is there a shortcut key for Remote Preview?


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  • You do have to preview again, then click "Reload All".

    I agree with an option to combine "Reload All" into the preview button - I often click Preview, go back to my NWJS window, and don't realise that I haven't clicked "Reload All", even after months of doing this!

    There's this page that has shortcuts, apparently SHIFT+F4 or SHIFT+F5 will do it.

    I'd love to change this into a 1-key shortcut, but hey maybe AutoHotkey could help there.

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