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  • Hi

    I suppose Ashley

    Im one of the users who really wants to take advantage of being able to work off line with the web version. I wont bore you with the details but it involves working after hours, maybe once a week, in an office where there is no internet access and mobile signals are blocked.

    I understand that, to be able to open up my laptop and be able to work off line. I must have previously downloaded the off line version, previously signed in and ticked the keep signed in box and must have downloaded the c3p file I want to work on. This is fine I have no problem doing this.

    However, even after completing these tasks, the off line rarely actually works when needed.

    It is always one or more of the following three reasons.

    1. The downloaded version wont load or open.
    2. The downloaded version does load but opens in guest mode (and will not allow log in without an internet connection)
    3. The downloaded version loads and opens up logged in but cannot preview without validating an internet connection.

    Is there any way to make the offline system more robust and dependable?

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  • From just this, all I can say, is it should work. I've previously tested it successfully works. If it doesn't the important thing is to figure out a series of steps - that must involve waiting for the "ready to use offline" notification to appear - that results in it not working offline, and file a bug for that.

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