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  • So, I Made a bunch of games on Construct 2 on my laptop, Uploaded them to be hosted on google drive, and since then, my laptop has died, and google drive has stopped hosting. So, As For Backwards compatability, If I Have the images folder, mdeia folder, app.manifest, c2runtime.js, data.js, icon pngs (114,128,16,256,32) , index.html, jquery-2.1.1.min.js, loading-logo.png, and offline.appcache files, is there any possible way to recover my games short of going through the images folder and remaking everything ?

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  • Unfortunately no.

    What you have hosted are the exported files, not the sources.

    As such, you cannot open them up in Construct 2 or 3 to keep on working on them.

    I'm afraid you are bound to redo them from scratch, using the assets you have at your disposal.

  • fair enough. itll be good practice. atleast im able to collect all the sounds and images from one place, should make things go a bit faster

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