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  • 1. How do i arrange a collider correctly on Tilemap? If i add solid behavior on silemap there are a lot of places i have collider and i do not need them in all places.

    2. Is it possible to export to Sprite parts from Tilemap by size of tile for example

    128X128 or 128X256 or export as selected in the tilemap to sprites? (divide the tilemap into parts)

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  • 1. In the Tilemap bar double-click any tile and you will be able to edit its collision polygon. There is also a checkbox to disable collisions completely for this tile.

    2. Sorry, I don't understand your question. If you are asking how to copy parts of the tilemap in the editor - you can configure a grid in animation editor. For example, set grid size to 128x128 and this will allow you to easily copy exact chunks of the tilemap image.

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